Friday, May 20, 2011

divisoria vendors

"I wonder what the future holds for me," is what I imagine this fruit seller is thinking

Even vendors have lunch breaks

plastic shopping bags are this old lady's pre-occupation in a little street corner.

A "couple" of sellers

Baby corn for  a young man who seems not far from being a child himself


 Part of what makes Divisoria so colorful is the many vendors that ply their merchandise rain or shine. Here are just a few of them caught on lens as they guard their wares one hot summer Divi day.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

the best halo-halo in bicol?

In my  list of things to eat in Bicol, the halo-halo from Tiwi, Albay was ranked high, heavily recommended by friends. 

The original and famous  DJC ( it says so on their sign) is different from other halo-halos because of the grated cheese on top.  Based on the non-stop filing in and out of people to partake of the cooler, you know it is indeed a winner. 

My verdict? While I was a bit skeptical of the cheese, I was convinced. :)
 It gave it an extra creaminess and the right tinge of saltiness to counter the sweetness
--  para di madaling maumay.  

Wouldn't mind going back to Bicol just to have another taste. 
Tara na?

Friday, May 06, 2011

two lechon adventures

Lechon denotes big celebrations and grand feasts but to my husband and I, the best way to enjoy lechon is dining al fresco, by the wayside, alone or in the company of friends.

Two road trips, one in Cebu and another in Ilocos Sur (on our way to Vigan) gave us two memorable lechon adventures,  but let the pictures do the talking...

We left La Union, 10 am, and passed major towns just as lunch time passed but we didn't want to eat at any fast food chains. We drove on, ignoring the hunger pains until  we   screeched to a halt at a lechon for sale sign.

the backyard is where they roast the lechon. manong makes use of what's left of the embers to cook dinuguan for his friend

Lechon take-away chopped fresh as you order

Our initial plan was to buy lechon and then head to the next town to buy paper plates and plastic spoons. But they were so nice at Liza's Lechon House that they let us eat right there, sa kanilang patio.

They even lent us their best china :)

Don't know (actually, I forgot) what leaves they used to stuff the lechon with
 but it tasted great

When I asked how much the rice was, the nice lady told me that they didn't sell rice and it was free for us :) Galing talaga ng Pinoy hospitality. 

Roasting chicken for their lunch

No, this panaderia in Cebu (before the town of Baljoon) does not serve lechon. But they graciously let us use their table to eat a very late lunch.  (3 pm)

Ned and his Cebuano friend bought lechon and rice wrapped in coconut leaves in Carcar. We bought lechon sauce and soda from the bakeshop.

Standing up while eating with our fingers and talking about life in general turned out to be a great way to enjoy lechon

Thursday, May 05, 2011

quaint arabella [pizza, pasta and more in liliw, laguna]

loved these fruity spoons that used to decorate the wall near the door

Christmas decor blends in with Arabella's interiors

Arabella's may be small but you'll feel right at home

Poring over the choices in the menu 

Just one of the many pastas available in this quaint little Italian restaurant

baby-back ribs and salad

thin and crispy pizzas

yummy pastas

dessert fave

taob, check my plate :)

rain or shine at Arabella's 

Whenever we're lost in Liliw, there's no way we won't pass by Arabella's -- a quaint little Italian restaurant -- to feast on thin-sliced pizzas and an assortment of you can't go wrong pastas.
Located in a street corner parallel to where the "shoe avenue" is, it's tucked below a vintage styled house. 
We've  seen the changes in the decor, from kitschy cute to the gallery-like look it now sports and we've had to wait in line to get in a few times but the food and ambiance is always worth the wait.
So the next time you feel a bit tired of trying on shoes and slippers in Liliw, treat your tummy to a feast and give your poor feet a rest, too.
*Don't forget to try the kesong puti pizza,  the ribs, the old-fashioned bread pudding and any pasta (I've not gone wrong yet whether it was pesto, oil or tomato based, with chicken, with shrimps, etc.).

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

tayo na sa little quiapo [in quezon city]

cool gazebo outside the main restaurant

palabok -- the best ka-partner ng halo-halo

classic halo-halo

Today was the hottest day of the year, my dad announced as I entered the door from an exhausting day outside.

 I believed him and it made me hungry for the cool, refreshing taste of halo-halo. 

And where else to get it but from a restaurant that specializes in the tasty treat?

 Little Quiapo, the most famous halo-halo restaurant during my dad's time, hehehe, has a branch in our side of the world.

 A place where I feel really at home during the hot summer days...
For those who asked, Little Quiapo is located at
 90 Malakas Streetbarangay Pinyahan, Diliman, Metro Manila - 02 922 4131

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

fishball & other tusok-tusoks [sa may UP Shopping Center]

deep-fried heaven

the counter -- sauces are on the left (sweet, spicy, vinegar with onion -- in short, choose your own poison)


third floor - quekiam, 2nd floor - hotdog and kwek-kwek,
1st floor - squid & fish balls

P20 worth of squid balls slathered with lots of sauce


a new batch of squid balls
"It's so addicting!" my sister-in-law swears to me as she and her husband drag us to the UP Shopping Center entrance after church.

"Bawal ako sa fried," I protest softly, only to be handed five pieces of kwek-kwek which I demolished in a few seconds, este minutes. 

Not long after, I'm handed P20 worth of squid balls. 
"Ang dami naman!" I again protested, a bit louder this time, as I squirted spicy, sweet sauce and mixed a little vinegar in a small container and started the tusok-subo ritual.

"That's what we always say," answers my sister-in-law, 
"pero nauubos namin lagi." 
So who am I to argue, right?
 As they always say, love your in-laws :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two kids came up to us begging for money, my sister-in-law gave them   squid balls, instead.
Instead of thanking her, one of the kids said, "walang quekiam?"
Aba, demanding pa...