Thursday, March 31, 2011

twogether [father and daughter bonding]

i really hate it when i see people violating the very basics of safety while on their motorcycles. I feel scared and helpless for kids when i see them helmet-less and squeezed in between their parents. but i couldn't resist feeling the bond between this father and daughter as they filled up at a local gas station. so sweet!  hopefully though,  the dad will think twice about letting his daughter go around on the motorbike without a helmet, or letting her sniff the gasoline vapors. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pai-ikot-ikot lang [from kamuning to visayas avenue]

there are places that you've seen a hundred times but kinda look different when you capture them on camera.

chic-boy (chicken, baboy at sukang masarap)

lumpiang ubod

garlic, lechon sauce, chicken oil?, suka and i think that's patis or toyo

lechon Cebu

garlicky kangkong

what was left of the chicken

bawang power

chic-boy's popping up all over the metro but we keep drifting to the branch along timog ave in QC. you get a choice between an AC room or the smoking area where different bands play at night. Low prices (we had lunch one sunday, six of us and the bill, including drinks was less than a thousand), lots of rice, tasty food. The sinigang na salmon belly's great, too!

sa kantunan

"What's that?" I asked my son as he came home from school, one late afternoon, and brought out a plastic covered silver paper plate.
"Noodles and fishballs..."  he replied.
"In your bag?" 
"Where'd you get it?"
"Sa Kantunan."
Sounded bad. But the kanton and fishballs? Tasted good despite being squashed in a bag full of notebooks and papers.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

tibok-tibok, buko-lychee sherbet, longganisa, tocino and tapa

Susie's - The home of tibok-tibok, mochie and
other sinful delights
tibok-tibok - heavenly!

waiting for the sherbet 

mayumo -- sweet in kapampangan. 
you get   the best at nepo-mart and just beside it.
tibok-tibok and leche flan at susie's.
refreshing buco-lychee sherbet at gill's inside nepo.

not to forget Pampanga favorites tocino, longganisa and tapa, ready to take home :)

aling cely's karinderia [angeles, pampanga]

shrimps cooked in kamias

chicken bbq

fried hito partnered with, below, buro, mustasa, talong, okra and tomato

pako salad with green tomatoes and sibuyas

ang bill

always in the headlines

nilagang baka soup, note, hindi sya nilagang tubig -- may taste talaga!

crab omelette

if you want carinderia type food -- tasty but not too expensive -- then cely's karinderia, just across nepo mart in angeles, is the place for you. manyaman sya!