Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A different side of Makati

"I'll show you a different side of Makati," my husband promised me one lazy Saturday, as he dragged me off to a part of the business center where there were no skyscrapers and  no bustling crowds.  And he did just that.

Two old churches -- one atop a hill, parallel to EDSA, 
Nuestra Senora de Gracia - Our Lady of Guadalupe

a community right outside the churchyard

another tucked  away in a quaint little lane littered with majestic trees

Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Poblacion, Makati

 and a middle-sized mall that housed antiques did present another side to a bustling city. 
a talking parrot entertains the passers-by

segregation in action

all the lovely pieces up there are in this little antique shop

I say it's worth another visit and soon...


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guy and Pip. Vi and Bot.

The   rivalry between the biggest superstars in Philippine cinema continues in  the ladies room of a restaurant along Maginhawa Street in UP Village, Quezon City.

So....are you a Noranian or a Vilmanian? Don't worry, you can 'fess up and
whether you're  Team Ate Guy or Team Ate Vi,  they'll let you use the toilet anyway,


Thursday, April 18, 2013

my parents' 50th

There was no big church wedding, no weekend getaway....in fact, we didn't have to travel far  for my parents' big day. Thankfully, living near the UP Diliman Campus truly has its perks as the kiosk or gazebo inside  Church of the Risen Lord was the venue for the golden wedding anniversary. 

 Old photos, wonderful memories, a   fellowship of family and friends, warm prayers and  lots of laughter filled the air that hot March afternoon. 

 There was no big budget but we paid attention to the small details and asked friends and family to participate in setting up the whole event.  Old photos came out of the various storage places and were hung on a string or place in  frames  accumulated through the years, golden balloons were glued to the ceiling, a tarp announced the precious event and  mementos the couple had picked up through the years and various travels were scattered all over -- a testament to the love that has lasted through the years.

Ultimately though, what made the afternoon was not in the details but  the happiness and the wide smiles of the celebrants. Here's to 50 more years, Pepz and Bethzie!

 Photos courtesy of Mark Cortez, Paul Fabregas, Ned Canlas.