Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Blood of Emilio Jacinto

Year after year, we pass by Magdalena in Laguna to say hello to our inaanaks and take in the beauty of the St. Mary Magdalene Church and the town plaza. Always in a hurry, we never had the chance to look for the spot where Emilio Jacinto's blood was shed when he took refuge there after being wounded from a battle with the Spaniards.  

This year, we made sure we paid homage to Brain of the Katipunan's heroism by finally locating the marker where his blood stains are now encased in glass. 

 A bolo, a knife and a sombrero symbolize the life of the young man who left his law studies to join the Katipunan and fight for his country. His image and a plaque also remind visitors of the writer-revolutionary. Too bad the list of donors and officials outnumber the things stated there about  the accomplishments of a great man.

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