Thursday, April 11, 2013

Byaheng Bonifacio, Tara Na!

I love Jose Rizal, there's no question about it. But Andres Bonifacio? He's my rockstar hero!  That's why as he turns 150 years this 2013, I am going to make sure that I finish the Biyaheng Bonifacio, Byaheng Bayani ng Bayan pilgrimage. With four sites already visited in Cavite, I only have 12 more to go!  Tara na and join the fun.

Step 1 - Get a copy of the Bonifacio @150 Brochures from any of the following:
1. National Historical Commission – Office of the Historic Sites and Education Division
2. Department of Tourism – Information Office
3. Department of Tourism – Regional Offices

Fortunately, my aunt's a real trooper and she visited the DOT Information Office in Manila to ask for a couple of brochures. They generously gave her more than she requested. Taking advantage of the Holy Week break, we made it a family affair by motoring from Bay, Laguna to Maragondon, Naic and Indang in Cavite to visit the four sites that were closest together. 

First Stop - Trial House,  Col. Riel St., (Poblacion), Maragondon, Cavite. 
It was Black Sabbath and the Trial House where Andres Bonifacio and his brother Procorpio were tried hastily was closed for the holidays. Fortunately, the caretakers and the local Tourism group were waiting for the Bonifacion 150 Group  and let us in. 

After a very filling lunch, we made our way to the Execution Site in Mt. Nagpatong in Marogondong. One of the guides, Kuya Jimmy, accompanied us and the Bonifacio 150 Group up to where the Bonifacio brothers were supposedly excecuted.


 Our visit to the site was highlighted by an improptu lecture from the historians and Bonifacio enthusiasts. What a lucky day! 
 Next stop: Casa Hacienda de Naic,  Brgy. C. Nazareno, Poblacion, Naic, Cavite or as the brochure says, "the building where Bonifacion stayed after the Tejeros convention and held the 'Naic Military Agreement; or 'Acta de Naic.'"  The Bonifacio brothers were also imprisoned here after they were captured in Indang.

Last stop for the day:  Pinagbarilan,  Brgy. Limbon, Indang, Cavite was where Policarpio Bonifacio was killed and Andres Bonifacio was shot and then stabbed in the neck. Andres and Procorpio were captured and later sentenced to their fate. Set atop a hill, tricycles and other motor vehicles pass by, seemingly not aware of the historical significance of the location.

Day 1 of Byaheng Bonfacio done, looking forward to accomplishing the next. If you want to take the Bonifacio @150 walk, here's the guide and link to it:


  1. Hi! My first time here. :) Glad to know that I am not alone in this 'madness.' Looking forward to your next Bonifacio150 posts!

  2. Welcome to the club! :) Hope to do another round before the summer ends.