Monday, April 15, 2013

Lubong (Part 2)

"It'll be a while till we come back here."
"This is so good I need to stock up."
"I may never pass this way again, kaya let's bring home some of this!"
"The people at home just have to try this!"
Whether it's chorizo, lechon, danggit from Cebu or marang, durian and suha from Davao; mango and bangus from Pangasinan; bagnet and longganisa from Vigan, sweet surprises from Pampanga etc. bringing home pasalubong is something we Pinoys so love to indulge in. Pasalubong gives us a chance to relive the memories of the place we visited and a chance to indulge in the delicious delights we experienced there.

Here's more wonderful pasalubongs from all over... Enjoy!!

Pampanga's Best - They say that the Kapampangans have a sweet tooth and need to have   "mayumo"  to make their day. And my answer to that is, "hindi naman masyado". hehe.

My favorite tibok-tibok from Susie's
A slice of heaven
Susie's is home not just to tibok-tibok but also mochi, pasta, puto pao, kakanins, dinuguan at marami pang iba
cool, refreshing buko sherbet --- perfect for a sunny (or rainy) day
look, ma, no spoon! for those who can't wait till they get home

near the Bacolor church is a little sweet shop that churns out tasty delights including their best-seller, 
the sinful sans rival 

buttery-nutty goodness...

want to satisfy that sweet tooth? Rosing's near Nepo Mart has sweets in every size and variety
Nathaniel's buko pandan sherbet in green containers have made their way to QC but a trip to San Fernando and other Pampanga malls still won't be complete without a peek at their other tasty goodies

if you want a respite from all that sweetness, camachile from the tree is available along the Pampanga highway


Liliw, Laguna - It's not just shoes and slippers that you'll find in Liliw. Naah ah, not if the street vendors can help it. It's always a pleasure to guess what they have in store   as you walk up and down the slipper and shoe-filled avenues....

Bonete! Buttery goodness, piping hot and straight from the  oven from the only bakeshop that serves them in Liliw.

Fern or Paco -- perfect for salads

Kesong puti -- perhaps imported from Sta Cruz is the perfect palaman for   hot pandesal

Talangka - i do love talangka but these ones seemed to small and payat for me

honeycomb - i keep wondering but keep forgetting to ask what i can do with it

honey -- the finished product

woven wonders to match your newly-bought tsinelas or shoes
Pagsanjan, Laguna - Sweetened calamansi? Matamis na kundol? This little store that's just a stone's throw away from the bridge after the Pagsanjan church (on the way to Luisiana/Cavinti) has made a career out of preserving fruits and veggies. Grab a bottle, or two or three, and start churning out that crushed ice to make your own halo-halo.

a peek at the different bottles of sweet is already an education

atsara side-by-side with the sweeties

the sweets lady


There's so much more to share -- I'm currently loco over suman na pinipig and garbanzos from Marilao, Bulacan. How about you, found anything new in your latest adventures? Pa-share!

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