Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Very Fishy Story (Sa Daungan ng Dipolog City)

The barge comes in and the wharf suddenly comes  alive. 

Men waiting and watching a few minutes ago, suddenly turned animated with energy --  containers piled on the side are taken one by one and filled with fish from the boat. Inside and outside the boat,  the fish fly quickly into  the banyera and men-by-twos quickly pick it up and run with it to the waiting motor vehicle. 

What we didn't notice right away was there was another outside action happening -- two of the men who were helping out by carrying the fish containers were handed fish to keep while  filching some  on their own and placing them on the side. It was their "payment" for helping out. 

As they scraped the last fish from the boat, the motor vehicle had left the wharf and the barge turned to go, the two men took their hoard   and laughingly walked off. 

"Tinola pang almusal!" 

(Photos taken in Dipolog)

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