Saturday, May 07, 2011

the best halo-halo in bicol?

In my  list of things to eat in Bicol, the halo-halo from Tiwi, Albay was ranked high, heavily recommended by friends. 

The original and famous  DJC ( it says so on their sign) is different from other halo-halos because of the grated cheese on top.  Based on the non-stop filing in and out of people to partake of the cooler, you know it is indeed a winner. 

My verdict? While I was a bit skeptical of the cheese, I was convinced. :)
 It gave it an extra creaminess and the right tinge of saltiness to counter the sweetness
--  para di madaling maumay.  

Wouldn't mind going back to Bicol just to have another taste. 
Tara na?

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