Friday, May 06, 2011

two lechon adventures

Lechon denotes big celebrations and grand feasts but to my husband and I, the best way to enjoy lechon is dining al fresco, by the wayside, alone or in the company of friends.

Two road trips, one in Cebu and another in Ilocos Sur (on our way to Vigan) gave us two memorable lechon adventures,  but let the pictures do the talking...

We left La Union, 10 am, and passed major towns just as lunch time passed but we didn't want to eat at any fast food chains. We drove on, ignoring the hunger pains until  we   screeched to a halt at a lechon for sale sign.

the backyard is where they roast the lechon. manong makes use of what's left of the embers to cook dinuguan for his friend

Lechon take-away chopped fresh as you order

Our initial plan was to buy lechon and then head to the next town to buy paper plates and plastic spoons. But they were so nice at Liza's Lechon House that they let us eat right there, sa kanilang patio.

They even lent us their best china :)

Don't know (actually, I forgot) what leaves they used to stuff the lechon with
 but it tasted great

When I asked how much the rice was, the nice lady told me that they didn't sell rice and it was free for us :) Galing talaga ng Pinoy hospitality. 

Roasting chicken for their lunch

No, this panaderia in Cebu (before the town of Baljoon) does not serve lechon. But they graciously let us use their table to eat a very late lunch.  (3 pm)

Ned and his Cebuano friend bought lechon and rice wrapped in coconut leaves in Carcar. We bought lechon sauce and soda from the bakeshop.

Standing up while eating with our fingers and talking about life in general turned out to be a great way to enjoy lechon

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