Thursday, May 05, 2011

quaint arabella [pizza, pasta and more in liliw, laguna]

loved these fruity spoons that used to decorate the wall near the door

Christmas decor blends in with Arabella's interiors

Arabella's may be small but you'll feel right at home

Poring over the choices in the menu 

Just one of the many pastas available in this quaint little Italian restaurant

baby-back ribs and salad

thin and crispy pizzas

yummy pastas

dessert fave

taob, check my plate :)

rain or shine at Arabella's 

Whenever we're lost in Liliw, there's no way we won't pass by Arabella's -- a quaint little Italian restaurant -- to feast on thin-sliced pizzas and an assortment of you can't go wrong pastas.
Located in a street corner parallel to where the "shoe avenue" is, it's tucked below a vintage styled house. 
We've  seen the changes in the decor, from kitschy cute to the gallery-like look it now sports and we've had to wait in line to get in a few times but the food and ambiance is always worth the wait.
So the next time you feel a bit tired of trying on shoes and slippers in Liliw, treat your tummy to a feast and give your poor feet a rest, too.
*Don't forget to try the kesong puti pizza,  the ribs, the old-fashioned bread pudding and any pasta (I've not gone wrong yet whether it was pesto, oil or tomato based, with chicken, with shrimps, etc.).

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