Tuesday, May 03, 2011

fishball & other tusok-tusoks [sa may UP Shopping Center]

deep-fried heaven

the counter -- sauces are on the left (sweet, spicy, vinegar with onion -- in short, choose your own poison)


third floor - quekiam, 2nd floor - hotdog and kwek-kwek,
1st floor - squid & fish balls

P20 worth of squid balls slathered with lots of sauce


a new batch of squid balls
"It's so addicting!" my sister-in-law swears to me as she and her husband drag us to the UP Shopping Center entrance after church.

"Bawal ako sa fried," I protest softly, only to be handed five pieces of kwek-kwek which I demolished in a few seconds, este minutes. 

Not long after, I'm handed P20 worth of squid balls. 
"Ang dami naman!" I again protested, a bit louder this time, as I squirted spicy, sweet sauce and mixed a little vinegar in a small container and started the tusok-subo ritual.

"That's what we always say," answers my sister-in-law, 
"pero nauubos namin lagi." 
So who am I to argue, right?
 As they always say, love your in-laws :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two kids came up to us begging for money, my sister-in-law gave them   squid balls, instead.
Instead of thanking her, one of the kids said, "walang quekiam?"
Aba, demanding pa... 

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