Thursday, April 14, 2011

chowking wedding (finding romance in the most unexpected places)

I clearly remember this day. It was mid-morning and we were driving around the metro when hunger pangs hit us. we went into the 2nd floor of  Chow King in Evangelista, Makati and were amazed when a couple walked in in their wedding finery.  to redefine the title,   it wasn't actually a wedding. more like a reception. but what a pleasant surprise it was.

the bride was young, the groom was happy and proud and their reception food was siopao and drinks. we weren't invited but we couldn't resist sneaking a peek every now and then at the lovebirds and their guests.

after their "reception", the couple and their witnesses sped off in  a taxi and a jeepney.

so who says you have to have a grand reception to have a wonderful wedding? not this beautiful bride and her Mr. Clean groom.

isn't love, cute?  

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