Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fun facts you may not know about Bataan





gabi ice cream

On our way to a family reunion, we passed by Orani Market and found six things that you may not know about Bataan. 

1. They grow really big singkamas or turnips.
2. Bataan exports cashew or kasuy to Antipolo.
3. The walis (broom) that you buy from Baguio is most likely to be from Bataan.
4. The best tinapa -- fresh (if you can call tinapa that), plump, smoked just right and not too salty -- can be found in this peninsula. Not to forget that they have a whole selection of tinapa to choose from, I personally love the kapak, bangus and tilapia. My parents, swear by the cabasi though.
5. - the mangoes are just as sweet, if not sweeter than, as those from Zambales 
6. they have unusual ice cream flavors -- gabi, caimito, aratiles, chesa. different but so yummy.

Other things you may not know about Bataan but I didn't catch on film are
- the balut or itlog na pula that you may be eating may just be Bataan made.
- the alamang bagoong you bought further North of Luzon is most probably from Bataan.
- araro, not uraro, is the biscuit of choice in Bataan. It comes from the root crop, araro.
- seafood is abundant because of the proximity to the sea and alimango, sugpo and other mangrove products are nice, sweet and mataba. 

So the next time you head to Bataan for the beaches, the Dambana ng Kagitingan and other historical and cultural landmarks, take a trip to the market and find more treasures to take home. 

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