Friday, April 22, 2011

Santa Maria de Assunta Church, Sta Maria, Ilocos Sur

The view from the bottom and the steps that lead to the Sta Maria Asunta Church

The belfry

Students rushing to school

 We asked the school boy to take our picture..

..but he said he was late for school.

 church entrance

 looking down on the town below. the view includes mountains and the sea that surround Sta. Maria

 the markers -- church, historical and Unesco Heritage ones


 Taking a breather from school 

 Love the seats 

We were cruising along the highway on our way to Vigan when we passed by a sleepy town and I spotted a church heritage sign on the side of the road.

"May UNESCO Heritage Church daw dito!' I screamed out (medyo mahinang scream lang) to Ned. Now, nothing irritates a driver who's had less than three hours of sleep more than veering off the main road. But I stood my ground and braved the aftermath of a lecture regarding things not to do when the car is in motion to avoid accidents.

He gave in and we followed the signs leading to Santa Maria de Assunta Church or the  Iglesia de Nuesta SeƱora de la Asuncion.   The church sits atop a small hill and an extraordinary number of small steps (80+ other bloggers say) lead to it. Fortunately for those who have cars you can take a small winding path on the right side of the church to lessen the calorie-reducing climb. 

The breeze up there lessens the effect of the sweltering sun and we came upon a group of girls exchanging stories in the small hut behind the church. It was the middle of the day, the church was closed but the nice young man who was cleaning the church office let us in. 

The stone church that resembles a fortress on the outside and  sturdily simple on the inside was built by the Agustinians in the 1700s. The tower on the side was added in the 1800s.

Sometimes it does pay to veer off the normal path to discover treasures like this church atop a hill. :)

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