Sunday, April 24, 2011

make hay while the sunflowers shine at UP Diliman



 Celebrate Easter with a visit to the University of the Philippines' main avenue to see the sunflowers abloom. For several years now we've  always wondered who plants them and await  eagerly for them to sprout, the perfect sign that summer has arrived. This year, the helianthus (the Scientific name of sunflowers) bloomed right before graduation and are bigger and brighter than they have ever been. They've also become a tourist attraction with cars parked on the side and eager flower lovers having their picture taken, me included).

Surfing through the net, I found UP Professor and Philippine Daily Inquirer's Michael explaining their presence along Diliman's University Avenue,

My questions have been answered! 1. UP Gardeners, and not aliens, plant them early summer to coincide with graduation season. 2. The seeds are gathered after the flowers have wilted and are kept for the following year. 

Whoever thought of the idea, it's a most welcome one as the sunflowers are guaranteed to bring a smile to even the grumpiest person. And I'm glad that their blooming coincide, too, with Easter, a further reminder to us of how God sacrificed his only begotten son so that we may have life eternal.

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