Friday, April 15, 2011

the churches of Taal Town

Basilica of St. Martin de Tours  

Behind the Sanctuario of Our Lady of Casaysay  

Inside the Sanctuario of Our Lady of Casaysay 

 The heritage town of Taal is the site of two beautifully distinct churches. The Basilica of St. Martin de Tours looms from the top of the hill while the Sanctuario of Our Lady of Casaysay  lies nestled near the river below. 
Taal Volcano may be rumbling anew but the small sleepy town of Taal has never been directly hit by it. As my son's pedia, a Taal native, says, the basilica of St. Martin de Tours which lies atop the hill helps protect it.  
Truth or myth? Visit the Heritage Town, talk to the natives, take a walk along the cobbled streets, visit the preserved old houses and discover for yourself..

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