Sunday, April 24, 2011

Church of San Miguel Arcangel of Argao in Cebu

behind the altar - paintings mixed with the priest's soutanas

foot massages for a small fee. the kwentuhan is free

townsmen resting in the shade 

we didn't realize how close the church was to the sea until we saw these men come shuffling through the archway

through the arch....

and on to the beach front

government buildings surround the town plaza and the church

benches that invite you to sit, rest and people watch



tricycle drivers wait for the mass to finish

pretty ladies all in a row

headed up

the town plaza from up above the bell tower

ice buko to cool you on a hot day

Town after town, beautiful century-old churches abound in Cebu but this one in Argao seems even more special because it brings to life an image of an idyllic seaside community brought together by the church.

Men sit on the grass and share stories while taking shade under the trees or the church's shadow. Young ladies, on the other hand, prefer the park benches that surround the town plaza -- chatting or reading. Little boys and girls dart in and out of the park, playing to their heart's content while the women sell candles in front of the church or share stories over a foot massage at the back of the church.

You'd miss it if you're passing through the highway because it's tucked inside the town, nearer the sea than the main road. A funeral mass was being held for two when we got there which gave us more time to explore the environment beside it, including the archway that leads  to the sea.

And because we were  with Ned's Cebuano friends, we got permission to explore the bell tower beside the church. Almost neglected, the wooden planked stairs are a bit rickety and shaky but the view from the top is worth it.

Truly a beautiful place to stop and contemplate the beauty of life. Too bad we had to move on to the next town.

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