Thursday, April 28, 2011

fish avenue


baskets full of dried delights

stalls devoted to danggit and company and the people who line up to buy them

oh what a beautiful sight 

Cebu longganisa for meat-lovers

I think I know what I want for breakfast..

...or do I?

sweet tooths will go crazy over the mango chips and juices, if they can find them in the melange of dried fish

taking a break from the danggit to peel a suha

If you ever get lost on your way to Danggitville or Dried Fish Heaven (Taboan Market), just follow your nose and you'll surely find your way. The smell of dried fish, squid and other sea creatures is hard to miss. Yes, it's that powerful.

Located right beside the biggest market in Cebu (Carbon), you'll find it quite a challenge to choose between salty, not too salty, no salt, crispy danggit in Taboan.( I wonder if there's a low fat version?)  And that's just for starters. What if you don't like danggit? Well, there's swordfish and numerous other dried fish that I don't even recognize in all shapes and sizes. Crazy for squid? There's small, medium, large, caramelized, colored, etc., etc. If you like them small, there's dilis in its original shape or maybe split open.  

However you want your dried fish, there's surely something here for you and at the right price. (Don't be afraid to haggle or combine choices for a better price)

Going back to the distinct smell of Taboan. If you're headed to the airport right after buying danggit, you better think twice. The odor sticks to your skin and clothes and it's pretty much like dousing yourself with perfume --
for  the cats. 

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