Monday, April 18, 2011

Magdalena, Laguna

The church that starred in many a movies

The beautiful church tower and grotto

A view from the side

Our very first visit to Magdalena coincided with a group of children rehearsing for a church activity

Baketbolan sa gilid ng church

papunta kay Father

Uy, may kasama si Lolo Jose.
 For once, our National Hero shares the limelight with Inang Bayan

The courtyard in between the church, the school and the municipal hall is one big playing area for the kids

Our local Hollywood's  Walk of Fame

the Municipal Hall

   FPJ  (Fernando Poe, Jr)  fans would probably recognize Magdalena Church (St. Mary Magdalene Church) as it has appeared numerous times in  his movies.  Other stars have apparently found it just as visually appealing  --   Sharon Cuneta, Robin Padilla, Rudy Fernandez, among others,  have shot their starrers  here. Town officials have actually put up a walk of fame opposite of the Municipal Hall to honor those who have made Magdalena, the local Hollywood.

If you're a history buff, Magdalena Church will also appeal to you as Emilio Jacinto reportedly took refuge here when he was wounded during the revolution. His blood stains, duly noted with a marker, serve as a testament to the Brains of the Katipunan's presence in the centuries-old church. (Ambeth Ocampo relates it better in his Inquirer column: Looking Back).

We've another reason for returning again and again to this small town as my former office-mate and his family reside here. My inaanak and his siblings have a fun time running and playing inside the spacious Church courtyard along with the other kids. The grass is a perfect ground for picnics, too.

If you're on your way to  or from Liliw or Majayjay, spend a few minutes or hours savoring the feel of the local community, the blend of church and state in one plaza or just plain people watching. 

 If you're on the highway on your way to Pagsanjan,  turn right at where Jollibee and a palengke are, and go straight till you hit Magadalena.

Fyi, if you get a bit hungry, there's a bakery to the left of the church (if you're facing it) and a sa-malamig where you can choose from buko, buko pandan, orange juice and gulaman. 

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